Large Acacia Bowl in Tile

Shop: Bonnymia 
Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 8cm 
Delivery: Made to order 4 -6 weeks delivery 

Large Acacia Bowl in Tile painted effect. Combination Acacia Bowl, Bamboo Board & Bamboo Wood utensils. This item can be customised to a tile of your choice. The artist already has a choice of 140 different tiles to choose form, however if you don't find what you are looking forward, then it can be customised according to your preferences. Once purchased by your guests, you will be given the opportunity to discuss with the artist, what you'd like to have done. This item is lovingly handmade and might vary slightly to the picture shown on this website. This item is shipped from the UK, the price includes VAT & shipping.

€ 90

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