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Whether your gift list is for a wedding, civil partnership, anniversary, birthday, engagement or house warming, our service makes this easier for your guests to give you something they know you will love.

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You can register for free, and not only is the process fun & full of surprises, but you can build and manage your list online.

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Why choose a Cult Rhea gift list?

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We know that sometimes gift lists don’t appeal to you because the items available are not what you want, but Cult Rhea is different because apart from the usual gifts, you can actually add a monetary fund & a travel fund.

However even when it comes to gifts, we understand that you might want to go for something out of the ordinary, so we’ve searched high and low to put together hundreds of products at different price points which you will love & need.
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Your gift list doesn't just have to be just about products. You could opt for vouchers, monetary gifts or a travel fund. You may even decide to add higher value items and add to the gift fund – the possibilities are endless, and yes, you can really put together a list of items & memorable experiences you will love and cherish for a lifetime.
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Whether it’s our gifts section, our monetary fund or even our travel fund, Cult Rhea is a melting pot of all leading stores & service providers across the island, coming together to bring you the very best of everything!
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The only thing standing in the way of you having all these items, and actually having them – is the click of button. Cult Rhea is so exciting and fun to use and the best part is, you can get so many different things from just one place!

Cult Rhea makes life easier for your guests too, who want to celebrate with you and give you a gift which you will love & remember. All they need to do is log into your page and purchase a gift of their choice.
Cult Rhea is all about beautiful experiences and we’re pulling out all the stops. Receiving all the gifts you put aside is special enough, but we want to make it even more magical, so we’ve planned little surprises for you all along your journey with us – just to remind you, how much you and your milestone truly means to us.