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The Gift List

No matter what milestone you’re celebrating, we want to make it even more special. Choose from hundreds of exciting gifts to create your dream gift list or set up your travel fund all here on Cult Rhea Malta.

The options are endless and the choice is yours! What's more?

Creating a list on Cult Rhea is completely free to you and your guests, and what's more? We also offer free home delivery around Malta, so all you need to do is create the list of your dreams and share with your guests - the rest is up to us.

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How does Cult Rhea work?

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  • Sign into your account to create a gift list
  • Browse & add products to your list
  • Publish your gift list closer to the event date
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  • Receive your free invitation inserts & let everyone know about your gift list
  • Receive instant updates whenever a gift has been purchased
  • Edit & Update your list whenever you want
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  • Free home delivery on a weekday that suits you
  • Keep track on the progress of your list
  • Keep organised with our Thank you Manager

What can you add to your gift list?

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There are hundreds of exciting gifts you can add to your list and if you don’t find something you’ve been eyeing, then speak to us and we will do our best to add it onto your personal list. There is also a group gift fund for those pricier items you’ve always wanted.
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Travel funds

Whatever the occasion, travelling to celebrate is always a good idea, so we’ve set up a the travel fund, where guests can give you the gift of travel. All travel arrangements need to first be made with Compass Travel and can then be funded through Cult Rhea absolutely free.

Build a gift list that's completely unique to you

Choose from your favourite stores in Malta

Why choose one store when you can have them all? Explore hundreds of your favourite brands in Malta - all in one place.

Astral Stephanie Borg Illy Vinci Compass Travel Hometrends Form Bonnymia Lazarus Tiles Copper & Plush COSTA NOVA Casafina Carla Grima Atelier Zartera Maison Souk Le Creuset Studio 87 Sherries Estates Wilmax England Tescoma Villa Bologna Pottery Crosscraft Samsonite Bea Designs


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You can create a gift list by firstly registering for an online Cult Rhea account. Once you do, you will be able to view all the products available to you and create your list simply by pressing ‘Add to wish list’.
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Yes of course, you can mix it up as much as you like!
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Not a problem, if it’s a store we already work with then you can get the details from that store, inform the store about your list on Cult Rhea and we will add the item just for you!

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